What is your shipping policy?

We ship via USPS Mail as a standard

I like your product and I would like to feature it in my store.  Do you have wholesale pricing for purchases in Volume?

Yes, we would love our product featured in your store.  Please contact us, let us know how many you would like, and we will get right back to you. 

Can I get spare cables?

Absolutely!  Check our order page.

I am confused, Which jack is 'in' and which jack is 'out'

It doesn't matter!  It works the same no matter which way you plug it in.

It looks like I can take the bottom off, Can I?

Yes, Please do.  Change it, Modify it, make it your own and send us a picture!

This looks really heavy duty for audio.   What's going on?

It is really heavy duty.  The switch is rated for 15A 125V.  The wire is rated is 20 AWG Hook up wire rated to 300V.  Why?  Why not?  

Will this handle an amplified load?

See above.  Sure will!

Something is wrong.  Why should I do?

Email us @ info@hazenproducts.com or fill out our Contact form.  We'll take care of it.